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Yea Events-event-festival-corporate-mexico-Unsplash-Abel Robles-mexican festivals
Mexico is a great choice for organizing your corporate event parties as it has a thriving festival culture. From beach parties to cultural celebrations, you can find events for everyone. In addition to its vibrant culture, Mexico has a reliable calendar of festivals across the country. There’s always something going on in town, from fashion...
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Yea Events-outdoor-corporate-events-mexico-Unsplash-Roberto Carlos Roman Don-Xoxhimilco
If we refer to outdoor corporate events, we can say that in this time of pandemic that we are going through, they are the best alternative in Mexico. This is because there is good ventilation in open spaces, and we can not forget that physical activity is essential to maintaining good health. Remember that everything...
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Yea Events-events-mexico-covid-Unsplash-Maxime-new normal (1)
We cannot pass up the opportunity to have a platform that can reach thousands of people and not talk about the events in Mexico and the COVID pandemic. Specifically how events have started to take place despite the high infections in the country. One of the recommendations is that they should be held with a...
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Yea Events-increase-productivity-company-team-Unsplash-Hannah Busing-team hands (1)
In every company, one of the main objectives is to increase the productivity of the team. We can even say that this is the Achilles heel of many companies. They may have the best professionals in the industry, but meeting all the proposed goals will be very complicated without real teamwork.  If you notice that...
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Yea Events-gala-dinner-mexico-Unsplash-John Prefer-champagne service
If you are looking for hiring a venue in Mexico for hosting a gala dinner, keep reading! A gala dinner is enjoyed with a large banquet seated at the table where a protocol following a marked order. At this point, you must know some tips that can help you to make your dinner go as...
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Yea Events-organize-event-cancun-Unsplash-Andreas M-Cancun
No doubt, if there is a dream place to organize your next event surely we are talking about Cancun, Mexico! If you ask your employees what they think of Cancun, for example. They will say it is one of their favorite places to go! And who doesn’t like this paradisiacal place full of attractions and...
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Yea Events-hotel-mexico-city-event-Unsplash-Jezael Melgoza-latin american tower
Undoubtedly, if you are looking for an hotel to hold your next event you must consider Mexico City. Here you can find the best sites, prices and for all tastes. Perfectly combining culture, entertainment, and tourist attractions, you can’t leave out for anything in the world. We don’t want you to keep thinking too much...
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Yea Events-event-mayan-riviera-Unsplash-Vince Russell-tulum beach
Have you ever hosted an event at the Mayan Riviera? If you have, then you’ve surely been marveled at the turquoise blue beaches and white sand, or discovered the great Mayan civilization. We recommend you come back and hold your events here! We assure you that you still have a lot to know.But, if you...
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yea yea events perfect venue event
Choosing the perfect venue for an event has its challenges. You must consider many possibilities and facts to do it the right way. One of the most significant decisions you must make is where to host your event. The proper venue will save you many headaches. Here are our top tips for choosing the right...
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Yea Events-wellness-events-mexico-employees-Unsplash-Kaylee Garrett-yoga in the beach
This Wellness events options in Mexico is the new trend that will surely boost your employees’ happiness! It is always about looking for new experiences and unique destinations, and for that purpose, this idea is excellent. Because it will not only be unforgettable. It will also give them away the treasure of re-connection with the...
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