Outdoors offer a variety of services to suit your every need. Whether you are planning a casual corporate meeting, a product launch, a business meeting, or a lavish celebration. We have the perfect setting for you to enjoy your event. Corporate-style dinners and meetings are held indoors, while cocktail parties take place outdoors.

The outdoor venues we offer on the Yea Yea Events platform collaborate with other companies that own facilities of this category. To offer great affordability and accessibility.

Outdoors are often business parks and housing developments. With our team of experts, we can develop a space tailored to your event. Transforming and complementing it according to the client’s requirements. This creates a unique space where corporates can interact in a way never seen before.

Yea Events-outdoor-corporate-events-mexico-Unsplash-Roberto Carlos Roman Don-Xoxhimilco
If we refer to outdoor corporate events, we can say that in this time of pandemic that we are going through, they are the best alternative in Mexico. This is because there is good ventilation in open spaces, and we can not forget that physical activity is essential to maintaining good health. Remember that everything...
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